1. With diminishing cross-sectional area in case of subsonic flow in a converging nozzle, the

2. The velocity distribution in direction normal to the direction of flow in plane Poiseuille flow is

3. In which of the following cases, it is possible for flow to occur from low pressure to high pressure?

4. The velocity profile for turbulent flow through a closed conduit is

5. For laminar flow of Newtonion fluid in a circular pipe, the velocity distribution is a function of the distance ‘d’ measured from the centre line of the pipe, and it follows a __________ relationship.

6. For turbulent flow in smooth circular pipe, the velocity distribution is a function of the distance ‘d’ measured from the wall of the pipe and the friction velocity ‘v’, and it follows a __________ relationship.

7. The head developed by a centrifugal pump is largely determined by the

8. Cavitation occurs in a centrifugal pump when the suction pressure is

9. Draining of shallow pits or sump is done by a sump pump, which is a __________ pump.

10. Specific speed for a centrifugal pump is

11. Venturimeters, orificemeters and nozzles are used to measure the fluid discharge from a pipeline. The average fluid velocity in a pipeline can be measured by a/an

12. Which of the following is an undesirable property of a manometric liquid?

13. Pick out the wrong statement.

14. Which of the following is used for pumping crude oil from oil well?

15. When the head pumped against is less than the head of the fluid used for pumping, the usual device is a/an

16. Pressure gradient in the pipe flow is influenced by the

17. In case of supersonic flow of a fluid through pipeline, the ‘Mach number’ is

18. Plunger pumps are used for

19. Bernoull’s equation does not apply to the functioning of a/an

20. Potential flow is the flow of

21. Power number is the ratio of

22. Prandtl mixing length is

23. Unsteady uniform flow is represented by flow through a/an

24. Unsteady non-uniform flow is represented by flow through a/an

25. Steady uniform flow is represented by flow through a/an

26. The co-efficient of drag and lift for an incompressible fluid depends on the

27. __________ flow means the flow of incompressible fluid with no shear.

28. For the same flow rate of a fluid, the pressure drop is the least for

29. Isothermal turbulent flow of a fluid results in decrease of its pressure, which depends on the

30. Propellers are

31. Horsepower requirement for given pump capacity depends upon the

32. Working of a __________ pump characterises mixed flow.

33. Which is the correct relationship for a centrifugal pump? (where, D = Impeller diameter, inches H = Head developed, ft of liquid pumped N = Speed of pump, rpm)

34. Purpose of air lift pump is to

35. A pump operating under specific conditions delivers insufficient quantity of liquid. This may be set right by

36. A pressure of 10 m head of water is equivalent to __________ kN/m².

37. Viscosity of water at 40°C lies in the range of

38. Which of the following conditions must be satisfied for lift force to be developed?

39. Pipes having diameter 14 inches or more are designated by their

40. For flow past a flat plate, if x is the distance along the plate in the direction of flow, the boundary layer thickness is proportional to

41. Power requirement of fans having constant wheel diameter varies __________ fan speed.

42. Which of the following equations applies to the fluid flow through a packed bed for very large Reynolds number?

43. Major loss in sudden contraction in pipe flow is due to

44. The Prandtl pitot tube measures the

45. Pick out the correct statement.

46. With decrease in particle size to be fluidised by a particular fluid, the operating range of fluidisation velocity

47. Hydraulic __________ works on the principle of Pascal’s law of transmission of fluid pressure.

48. Mach number is defined as the ratio of the local flow velocity to the sonic velocity in the fluid. For what value of Mach number, the gases are considered incompressible?

50. Enamels and paints are generally __________ fluid.

51. In case of isentropic flow, the speed of sound in an ideal gas is proportional to (where, T = absolute temperature )

52. The pressure intensity is the same in all directions at a point in a fluid

53. For the same terminal conditions and valve size, the pressure drop in a fully opened globe valve as compared to that in a gate valve is

54. Working principle of manometer comprises of balancing a coloumn of liquid against the pressure to be measured. Inclined tube manometer is especially used for the measurement of __________ pressure.

55. Differential manometer measures the

56. Pitot tube measures the __________ of a fluid.

57. What is the maximum theoretical suction lift (metres) of a reciprocating pump?

58. In an incompressible fluid, the density is

59. The flow of gas along a pipe in the direction of decreasing pressure causes decrease in its

60. A 0.5 m high bed made up of a 1 mm dia glass sphere (density 2500 kg/m³ ) is to be fluidised by water (density 1000 kg/m³ ). If at the point of incipient fluidisation, the bed voidage is 40%, the pressure drop across the bed is

61. The maximum depth from which a centrifugal pump can draw water is

62. A bed of spherical particles (specific gravity 2.5) of uniform size 1500 μm is 0.5 m in diameter and 0.5 m high. In packed bed state, the porosity may be taken as 0.4. Ergun’s equation for the above fluid-particle system (in SI units) is given below :Δ P/L = 375 x 10³ VOM + 10.94 x 10⁶ V²OM (SI units) If water is to be used as the fluidising medium, in actual operation, the above bed has a height = 1 m. What is the porosity of the fluidised bed ?

63. If the discharge of a centrifugal pump is throttled, then its suction lift

64. The discharge through a V-notch weir varies as

65. The pressure head on sudden contraction in a horizontal pipe is converted into the __________ head.

66. The discharge through a semi-circular weir varies as (where, H = Head of liquid.)

67. Fluid flow in a/an __________ is an example of pressure flow.

68. In case of unsteady fluid flow, conditions & flow pattern change with the passage of time at a position in a flow situation. Which of the following is an example of unsteady flow?

69. __________ pumps are a group of vacuum pumps.

70. A spherical particle is falling slow in a viscous liquid such that Reynolds number is less than 1. Which statement is correct for this situation?

71. The time taken for gravity flow of a fixed volume of liquid (as in Redwood viscometer) is directly proportional to its

72. Bernoulli’s equation is dependent on the

73. The speed of a sound wave in a gas is analogous to the speed of

74. Newton’s law of viscosity relates the

75. Priming is needed in a __________ pump.

76. A hydraulic press has a ram of 10 cms in diameter and a plunger of 1 cm in diameter. The force required on the plunger to raise a weight of 10 tons on the ram is __________ kg.

77. The rate of change of moment of momentum represents the __________ by the fluid.

78. Venturimeter and orificemeter measures the __________ of the fluid.

79. Each term in Bernaulli’s equation represents the __________ of the fluid.

80. Drag force on the float of a rotameter is(where Q = flow rate of the )

81. Which of the following facilitates close control of flow of fluids?

82. In area meter (e.g., rotameter), with increase in the fluid flow rate, the

83. Hydraulic radius of 6″ x 12″ cross-section, is __________ inches.

84. In case of a __________ the energy of flow is considerably decreased downstream of the machine.

85. Select the correct statement.

86. In an incompressible flow of fluid, the fluid

87. The dimension of kinematic viscosity is

88. Dimension of kinematic viscosity is

89. The drag co-efficient for a bacterium moving in water at 1 mm/s, will be of the following order of magnitude (assume size of the bacterium to be 1 micron and kinematic viscosity of water to be 10⁻⁶m²/s).

90. The ratio of hydrodynamic boundary layer to thermal boundary layer thickness in case of liquid metals is

92. For water, when the pressure increases, the viscosity

93. Boundary layer thickness in laminar flow over a flat plate increases as(where, d = distance from the leading edge.)

94. Boundary layer thickness in turbulent flow over a flat plate increases as(where, d = distance from the leading edge.)

95. Steady flow occurs, when the

96. The Stoke’s stream function applies to the

97. In case of turbulent flow of a Newtonion fluid in a straight pipe, the maximum velocity is equal to (where, Vavg = average fluid velocity)

98. For Laminar flow through a packed bed, the pressure drop is proportional to (Vs is the superficial liquid velocity and Dp is the particle diameter)

99. The equation given below is called the __________ . f-0.5 = 4.07 loge (NRe√f)-0.6

100. The fluid velocity varies as the square root of the cylindrical pipe diameter in case of steady state laminar flow at constant pressure drop fo __________ fluid.

101. Permanent loss in a venturimeter is about __________ percent of the pressure drop in theupstream cone.

102. The pressure drop per unit length of pipe incurred by a fluid ‘X’ flowing through pipe is Δp. If another fluid ‘Y’ having both the specific gravity & density just double of that of fluid ‘X’, flows through the same pipe at the same flow rate/average velocity, then the pressure drop in this case will be

103. The simple pitot tube measures the __________ pressure.

104. The peripherial velocity at inlet of a centrifugal pump having inlet diameter of 25 cms and rotating at 950 rpm is __________ m/sec.

105. Which of the following is not a dimension-less parameter?

106. Which of the following is not a dimension-less parameter?

107. The continuity equation

108. Bernoulli’s equation is not applicable, when the flow is

109. Permanent pressure loss in a well designed venturimeter is about __________ percent of the venturi differential.

110. The velocity profile exhibited by laminar flow of Newtonion fluids is such that the velocity distribution w.r.t. radius of the circular pipe is a/an __________ with the apex at the centre line of the pipe.

111. For laminar flow of a shear thinning liquid in a pipe, if the volumetric flow rate is doubled, the pressure gradient will increase by a factor of

112. Specific speed of a centrifugal pump relates it with another pump having the

113. High specific speed of a pump implies that, it is a/an __________ pump.

114. Low specific speed of a pump implies that, it is a/an __________ pump.

115. The temperature in isentropic flow

116. Choose the set of pressure intensities that are equivalent.

117. With increase in the ratio of orifice diameter to pipe diameter in case of an orificemeter, the overall pressure loss

118. Laminar flow is characterised by the nonexistence of

119. Terminal velocity is

120. A piezometer opening measures the __________ fluid pressure.

121. The centre of pressure is

122. The continuity equation

123. The friction factor is

124. The lift of a ballon is

125. The blades of a centrifugal impeller are said to be curved forward, if the __________ of the motion of impeller blades.

126. A centrifugal pump used to pump water is used to pump an oil with specific gravity of 0.8 at the same rate. The power consumption will now

127. The Prandtl mixing length is

128. Check valve provided in the discharge line of a centrifugal pump serves the purpose of controlling the

129. The unit of velocity head is

130. Which of the following exemplifies a three dimensional fluid flow ?

131. The ratio of actual discharge to theoretical discharge through an orifice is equal to

132. A differential pressure cell is used for

133. In Newton’s law range, the drag co-efficient for the motion of spherical particle in a stationary fluid is

134. Volume of liquid displaced by a floating body is equivalent to its

135. Euler’s equation of motion is a statement expressing

136. Steady fluid flow occurs, when the derivative of flow variables satisfy the following condition.

137. Uniform fluid flow occurs, when the derivative of the flow variables satisfy the following condition.

138. In frictional fluid flow, the quantity, P/ρ + V²/2gc + gz/gc, is

139. Rotary vacuum pumps can reduce the absolute pressure to as low as __________ mm Hg.

140. Water hammer is caused, when water flowing in a pipe is suddenly brought to rest by closing the valve. The extent of pressure thus produced due to water hammer depends on the

141. As per Newton’s law of viscosity, the shear stress for a given rate of angular deformation of fluid is proportional to(where, μ = fluid viscosity)

142. Toothpaste is a

143. Schedule number of a pipe, which is a measure of its wall thickness, is given by

144. Path followed by water jet issuing from the bottom of a water tank will be a

145. Turbine impeller

146. Transition from laminar flow to turbulent flow is aided by the

147. Capillary tube method of viscosity measurement is based on the

148. In power law, ζ = A (du/dy)² + B , then the fluid is

149. In deriving Bernoulli’s equation, fluid is assumed to be

150. Cp/Cv is termed as

151. The equivalent diameter for flow through a rectangular duct of width B and height H is

152. As the velocity V and thus the Reynolds number of a flow past a sphere increases from very low value, the drag force for Re << 1

153. Delivery of insufficient quantity of liquid by a pump may be caused by

154. Design of the casing of centrifugal pump should be such as to minimise the

155. A lubricant 100 times more viscous than water would have a viscosity (in Pa.s)

156. The bulk modulus of elasticity of a liquid

157. For the transfer of solution of thick slurry, the pump used is a __________ pump.

158. Consider a centrifugal pump having a specific impeller diameter, fixed impeller speed pumping a liquid of constant density at a particular discharge capacity. With decrease in the capacity of the pump, the __________ decreases.

159. In laminar flow through a round tube, the discharge varies

160. What is the ratio of displacement thickness to nominal thickness for a linear distribution of velocity in the boundary layer on a flat plate?

161. The hydrodynamic and thermal boundary layers will merge, when

162. Unit of mass velocity is

163. Scale up of agitator design requires

164. A centrifugal pump is called a turbine pump, if it is having a

165. The head loss in turbulent flow in a pipe varies

166. The head loss in turbulent flow in a pipe varies

167. A 2″ gate valve fitted in a pipe is replaced by a similar globe valve. Pressure drop in gate valve was Δp. For the same discharge, the pressure drop across globe valve is

168. The fluid velocity varies as the cube of the cylinderical pipe diameter in case of steady state laminar flow at constant pressure drop for __________ fluid.

169. The __________ is measured by a piezometric opening.

170. Multistage compressors are used in industry, because they

171. Vane anemometer

172. If three pipes of different diameters, lengths & friction factors are connected in parallel, then (where, Q = flow rate, V= fluid velocity f = friction factor).

173. Reynolds number for flow of water at room temperature through 2 cm dia pipe at an average velocity of 5 cm/sec is around

174. A double acting reciprocating pump compared to a single acting pump (of almost same size working under same pressure levels) would give almost double

175. Volute type of casing is provided in a centrifugal pump to

176. Which law/principle of solid mechanics is similar/equivalent to Newton’s law of viscosity in fluid mechanics?

177. What causes cavitation in centrifugal pump?

178. For a stable equilibrium of a submerged body (where, G and B are centres of gravity & buoyancy respectively).

179. The variable required to be known in correlations used for estimating the horse power of a centrifugal gas compressor and hence its cost are P. Inlet pressure Q. Compressor rpm R. Delivery pressure S. Volumetric flow rate at inlet.

180. Momentum transfer in laminar flow of fluids results due to the

181. The terminal velocity of a solid spherical particle falling through a stationary fluid mass in the Stoke’s law range is proportional to the

182. Cd is always __________ Cc.

183. Velocity distribution for flow between two fixed parallel plates

184. A fluid is pumped at the rate of 10 lb/sec to a height of 55 ft. The horse power required is __________ hp.

185. In case of hydraulically smooth pipe, the resistance to flow depends only on the Reynolds number, whereas for a hydraulically rough pipe, the resistance to flow is governed by the relative roughness. Two pipes are said to have the same hydraulic roughness, when they have equal values of

186. The most economical flow control valve for use with large diameter pipes is a

187. Two dimensional stream function

188. Rubber latex is an example of a __________ .fluid.

189. __________ is an example of axial flow impeller.

190. Water is flowing at 1 m/sec through a pipe (of 10 cm I.D) with a right angle bend. The force in Newtons exerted on the bend by water is

191. The unit of bulk modulus of elasticity for a liquid in S.I. unit is

192. The most suitable flow measuring device for the fluid flow measurement in a very large diameter pipeline is a

193. Slurries can be most conveniently pumped by a __________ pump.

194. Medium viscosity lubricating oil can be most ideally pumped by a __________ pump.

195. Reynolds number for water flow through a tube of I.D. 5 cm is 1500. If a liquid of 5 centipoise viscosity and 0.8 specific gravity flows in the same pipe at the same velocity, then the pressure drop will

196. If two capillary tubes of dia 0.5 mm and 1 mm are dipped in a pot containing mercury, then the rise of mercury is

197. Boundary layer separation occurs when the

198. A stream line is

199. The unit of dynamic viscosity in SI unit is

200. The value of critical Reynolds number for pipe flow is

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