1. Which of the following is(are) true of the EDP auditors?

2. Controls of data communication deal with

3. A lockbox service is used for

4. Critical path of the PERT chart is:

5. Inventory is also referred to as:

6. An EOQ formula is an example of a(n)

7. _____ are knowledge based system to which present rules are applied to solve a particular problem.

8. The _____ is a business-oriented data-processing association which publishes a monthly journal, Data Management.

9. The computer can potentially be used to monitor most of our actions, thus robbing us of _____

10. A systems theory of organization sees the firm as a

11. A financial modeling package for a PC is similar to a spreadsheet package, but it can handle larger data files than a spreadsheet, and it has a built-in _____ seeking function.

12. _____ means that the manager spends his or her time dealing with exceptions or those situations which are out of control

13. _____ decisions are those decisions for which policy standards or guidelines are already established.

14. _____ is the use of a model in an attempt to identify and/or reflect the behaviour of a real person, process, or system.

15. One of the three most common types of payment systems is the

16. Which of the following is not an important principle for evaluating the raw data for decision-making:

17. The analysis and design of application systems are the responsibility of a _____

18. The model curriculum for information-system education suggested by the _____ has a more theoretical and conceptual basis, whereas the model by the _____ is more practical and applied in nature.

19. _____ decisions concern the execution of specific tasks to assure that they are. carried out efficiently and effectively.

20. The DBA is

21. Error reports are an example of:

22. A constraint that does not, affect the feasible solution region is known as

23. The product structure file is also called the

24. Econometric models include techniques from

25. Average inventory level is reduced by

26. Computer support to the manager has been least in

27. Slack is the calculated time span within which the event must occur:

28. The online, softcopy display of a customer’s charge account to respond to an inquiry is an example of a(n):

29. A _____ is a brief message to an operator that describes what data are to be entered.

30. A _____ decision is routine one that’s made following the completion of a preplanned series of steps.

31. Educational programs for the labour union officials are conducted by

32. Data has to be _____ before it can be converted into information.

33. Which of the following is not true of the EDP Auditors Foundation?

34. The most straightforward resource flow is

35. To _____ is to decide in advance on a course of action.

36. The operations file is updated by the

37. Operations Research came into being due to:

38. Order-filling activity in the physical system is triggered by the

39. _____ is the ratio of correct information to the total amount of information produced over a period.

40. Standards are provided by

41. Which of the following is not a key component of the evaluation process in building a DSS?

42. If you are an information-system manager, which organization is most appropriate for your interest?

43. The four major corporate resources are money, materials, information, and

44. An optional facilitates location program can be used to study

45. A standards manual specifies standards that are to be followed in

46. The use of computers in data processing has had several impacts on business. Which of the following is not one of them?

47. Production machines were first controlled by the computer by means of

48. Encryption is being used primarily with

49. Which of the following is(are) true of system analysts?

50. From a data systems design viewpoint, the number of different types of general ledger entries is

51. Critical _____ factors are those that are vital if a manager is to make a full contribution to the achievement of an organization’s goals.

52. External data is stored in the

53. The manager of inventory would most likely be found in the

54. In which way is a managerial information system (MIS) superior to electronic data processing (EDP)?

55. Working at home might seem like an interesting option. However, _____ contact with other co-workers does have advantages.

56. The question “what?” can be answered by

57. An example of a management by exception report is a(n)

58. A key verifier machine is used In controlling

59. The vice-president of information has primary responsibility for

60. An organization containing manufacturing, marketing, and finance areas is called a

61. The major function of the language system is:

62. Which of the following is not a common configuration used in a DDP system?

63. A systems theory of management includes

64. The files required to maintain general ledger records include

65. A central purpose of most decision-support systems is

66. One of the purchases order system’s procedure sets is

67. Which of the following is considered to be an interface between the functional applications and the data base?

68. The journal voucher file includes

69. The functional area showing the greatest interest in the concept of functional information systems is the

70. The funds management subsystem attempts to

71. The MIS consists of

72. A _____ is a program that serves as an interface between application program and a set of coordinated and integrated files called a database.

73. Which of the following is not tree about expert systems?

74. A spreadsheet package is one type of _____ support tool.

75. A turnaround document can be a (n)

76. Data base preparation would be most difficult in a(n)

77. The manager attempts to slow down the flow of

78. The accident file is commonly updated in the

79. MIS constraints are imposed by

80. Monte Carlo is an example of a(n)

81. Assembly languages are most commonly used to write computing systems that provide

82. Which of the following usually receives formal education on their role in the MIS

83. Lower-level managers make day-to-day ______ decisions to schedule and control specific tasks.

84. The executive vice-president usually has responsibility for the

85. General ledger is also referred to as:

86. A person who has the responsibility for development of a new product (such a instant coffee) in a firm is called a

87. Sensitivity Analysis is the ability to perform:

88. MRP stands for

89. The file created yesterday is called the

90. The subsystem appearing in each of the functional information systems is the

91. The integration of the computer with manufacturing is called CIM or _____

92. With respect to personnel matters in the United States, ERISA stands for

93. A chart comprised of bars, each representing a period of time, is called a

94. Corporate modeling languages often do provide for

95. A primary use of decision support system (DSS) is to simulate an experiment over by using different parameters and assumptions. What is it called?

96. A person who has a high-school diploma would be least likely to obtain which of the following jobs?

97. Which of the following is(are) true concerning information-system careers?

98. In Decision Tables three are:

99. A device is said to be _____ when it is accessible to, or under the control of, the processor

100. The computer is a part of the firm’s

101. An MIS provides

102. Pillsbury’s SOAR system was designed specifically for

103. _____ write computer programs that perform jobs specified by the user.

104. A system must be composed of more than one

105. When purchase cost is $20, maintenance cost is $0.50, and annual sale are 20 units, EOQ is

106. The Nolan _____ model identifies several phases that describe the development of information systems in organizations.

107. _____ assist management is answering what-if-questions.

108. Most of the flow of physical resources occurs on the

109. Anthony suggested that the area of management planning and control be segmented into:

110. The receiving data system involves which of the following files?

111. Once net requirements have been calculated, the next step is to

112. A certain city uses a computer system as part of its taxation of real estate. Which one of the following tasks would the computer be least able to do?

113. Management is linked to the information processor by

114. How much should an organisation spend for information can be determined by some type of a:

115. As a general rule.

116. In data transmission, the bit coding scheme used to represent a byte is typically:

117. The physical system of the firm may be regarded as a flow of

118. Which of the following is not a basic configuration used in a data communication network?

119. In the future, users of a computer system may identify themselves by entering a _____ and a fingerprint

120. Computing systems can provide strategic information by

121. An econometric model requires

122. Linear programming identifies

123. Frederic W. Taylor contributed the idea(s) of

124. Benefits from a computerised MIS include:

125. PCM stands for _____

126. Which of the following is true of parallel transmission?

127. Marketing planning is concerned with

128. The following method/s are used in Transportation Models of Operations Research:

129. An inventory management system should answer the questions

130. CBCT stands for

131. A Monte Carlo simulation is an example of a(n)

132. Which of the following is a component of an expert system?

133. Credit checking is done in the

134. The number of management layers in a firm is determined by

135. The manager, in using the systems approach, should subdivide the firm into subsystems based on

136. Functional information subsystems can be classified into

137. Which is the correct for MIS:

138. Probabilities range from

139. Management uses information for two purposes : planning and _____

140. _____ is an application of the computer where the computer makes decisions or judgments that appear to require human intuition, reasoning and intelligence.

141. Data collection terminals are used to report the activity of

142. A quotation system obtains potential delivery time data from the

143. An excellent linear programming software package for solving large-scale problems is

144. There are several careers within data processing operations, including data-entry operator.

145. The model base contains programs

146. Hungarian Method is a way of solving Operations Research problems in:

147. Which of the following statements in correct?

148. It is most important that the data produced by a payment system be

149. _____ is and always has been wealth, and computers assist us in obtaining this wealth.

150. The selection of the solution technique to the implemented by a computing system should be made by

151. The most prominent system in the retail sales industry is the _____ system.

152. Data items in the fixed asset record of a newly purchased asset that a well-designed application program could obtain automatically include

153. Which of the following is requirement to develop a successful management information system?

154. _____ attempt to provide the same judgmental advice that human experts such as doctors provide.

155. A _____ provides a set of integrated computer tools that allow a decision maker to interact directly with computers in order to retrieve information useful for semistructured and unstructured decisions,

156. The employee profile report is used by

157. Fixed asset file management procedures are not required for

158. To be successful in implementing DSS, organizations should have the following characteristics except:

159. The bars in a bar chart are represented by the

160. Data collection terminals

161. The general systems model of the firm can be used

162. Computing systems most often facilitate planning because they:

163. Which of the following is(are) true of an artificial intelligence system?

164. During the MIS development process, progress reporting meeting are held

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