1. Information is produced by processing data from which of the following sources?

2. The study project proposal

3. Linear programming models solve problems dealing with

4. The order entry subsystem creates a file of order records that are input to the

5. The manager attempts to expedite, or speed up, the flow of

6. Environmental information has greater value on the

7. A condition that led to the development of databases was:

8. The continuing education program that all managers should get into is

9. A periodic report can facilitate management by exception by

10. A manager would use a file manipulation language such as APL to cause the computer to

11. The prime concern of financial control is

12. A question that MIS designers must consider is whether to use “top_____ ” or “bottom-up” development approach.

13. Which of the following is not a primary reason for the popularity of decision support systems?

14. Management has become more complex because

15. Sales invoking is a:

16. Accounting data

17. Administrative supervision of the activities relating to a database is the responsibility of the:

18. The latest time that the event can be delayed without delaying the completion of the entire project in PERT chart is:

19. Union officials receive the same type of education as

20. The relationship between the computer and quantitative techniques can be said to be a

21. Sales order data is entered by means of

22. Marketing research data is gathered by

23. Customer data (name and address, shipping instructions, credit terms, etc.) is provided by the:

24. Detected money errors are corrected with

25. Data are allowed to be transmitted in only one direction in a:

26. Many large organizations have information _____ where managers can use fourth-generation languages to retrieve the facts they need from online data bases, and where staff experts are available to provide PC hardware/ software guidance.

27. Which of the following is not a major subsystem part providing an opportunity for system design controls

28. Which of the following is not a level of information handling:

29. A management information system is composed of

30. _____ assist traditional auditors both in the review of computer controls and in the production of audit information through the use of computers.

31. QUBE is an example of _____ systems.

32. The amount of a certain product sold to a certain customer in a past period can be obtained from the

33. A greater proportion of time is spent in planning on the

34. As alternatives are evaluated, the best one is recognized as the one

35. Decisions can be classified on three levels : strategic, _____ and operational.

36. Which of the following is not a device used in data communication?

37. Which of the following statements is the most accurate?

38. As opposed to detailed transaction information, the management information system (MIS) responds to the need for

39. The type of model that helps the manager forecast future events is the

40. Which of the following is not tree of operational decisions?

41. Which of the following is not one of the qualitative characteristics that information must have?

42. In the Financial Decision-Making System which of the following is not a transaction processing system input:

43. The storage of computer programs and data files are the responsibility of a

44. Zani’s framework of effective MIS argues that MIS can only be designed in a:

45. We combine hardware, software, people, procedures, and data to create an _____

46. Difficult of MIS implementation is affected by

47. Quantitative evaluation of new products assures that

48. Pillsbury’s REACH system is concerned mainly with the accomplishment of

49. Top-level managers are responsible for _____ plans and decisions.

50. The type of information most restricted by a poor interface between generalized data base management systems and special computing system languages is

51. EDP auditors can be used in the

52. EDP auditing has become popular since

53. Which of the following is not a desired characteristic of objectives?

54. Marketing research does not normally

55. Quantitative techniques used to solve business problems are called

56. A pricing strategy model would function most effectively as a

57. Which of the following does not fail in the Personnel Decision-Making Area:

58. Functional subsystems are connected by

59. The common practice is to maintain

60. Trailer labels contain

61. A retailing business involves which of the following functions?

62. The most structured marketing problems are likely to be those dealing with

63. Summarized information is used more than detailed information on the

64. Invoices are deleted from the invoice detail file by the

65. Information should be accurate, timely, complete, and _____

66. During the planning phase, the main activity of the vice-president of information systems is one of

67. The study project proposal

68. PERT and CPM are:

69. Firms have been engaged in marketing research for

70. In Pillsbury’s SOAR system, data was entered by

71. The EDP Auditors Foundation sponsors the _____ examination.

72. Which of the following is not one of the factors affecting the difficulty of the MIS project?

73. Management by exception is based on a

74. Information is _____ when it is useful in making a decision.

75. Customer credit-granting decisions should be incorporated into the

76. Personnel activity reports are produced from the

77. With respect to personnel matters in the United States, OSHA stands for

78. Data collection terminals gather data for use by the

79. Within a database, the sequential organization of data by a common key is called:

80. What data most likely would not be keyed into the order entry subsystem?

81. Which of the following is not a quotation system procedure set?

82. EDP auditors can be acquired from

83. Which of the following is most responsible for the inability of auditors to uncover computer crimes?

84. A language for simulating models of business activity is:

85. A _____ is a formalized computer information system that can integrate data from various sources to provide the information necessary for management decision making.

86. Problem identification most often comes from information produced from

87. The marketing authority contributing the most to a definition of a structure for the marketing information system is

88. The first two steps in the ____ process are to establish goals or standards, and then measure actual performance.

89. Which of the following is tactical decision?

90. Purchased items are distinguished from manufactured items by

91. Environmental information is especially important to

92. Inventory lead time can be broken into:

93. Labour standards are provided by

94. Which of the following is not one of the major components of decision-support system?

95. The coordinating procedure set in an order processing system is

96. Logical models form the basis for computing systems that generate information useful in dealing with

97. Which of the following is not true of office automation?

98. Individuals who intend to pursue a career as an information-system manager should have:

99. The limits imposed by the firm itself or its environmental on the decision maker are called

100. Information concerning the probability distribution of a profit rate can be generated by using:

101. Which of the following is characteristic of a transaction processing system?

102. The MIS structure with one main computer system is called a:

103. A decision-support system is intended to produce information to suport which type of decisions?

104. The post installation audit seeks to assure that

105. In transportation model of O R once an initial solution has been found, the next step is to test that solution for optimality. The methods widely used for testing the solution are:

106. Expert systems are part of the general area of research known as _____

107. An Information system that responds immediately to the needs of the physical system is called a(n)

108. Computer information systems are most successful in providing information for:

109. The online hotel reservation systems having database capabilities are a good example of

110. A variable that has no physical meaning and is used to obtain an initial basic feasible solution to a linear programming problem is known as:

111. Computer-based traffic control systems are implemented at the _____ level of government.

112. A _____ purpose computer is designed for a specific application.

113. H.P. Luhn and Stephen E. Forth developed an application for the computer named

114. Which of the following abilities is/are required for both the system programmer and the EDP auditor?

115. Adding a new account to the chart of accounts at the beginning of an accounting period is a

116. Theories are evaluated with

117. The characteristics of strategic decisions include all of the following except:

118. An MIS may include operational/ tactical support, decision support, and automated _____ subsystems.

119. The teleprocessing system appropriate for a probability encoding system is

120. Which of the following is generally true about management reports?

121. The idea of “generations” of data files is closely related to

122. A _____ is responsible for the design and control of a company’s data base

123. The front-end processor is dedicated to perform which of the following function(s)?

124. An EDP auditor must be an expert in

125. The feedback loop in the general systems model is represented fey

126. The educational program can be conducted by

127. The file key of the fixed assets file includes the

128. A _____ decision making involves the establishment objectives for an organization and long-range plans for attaining these objectives.

129. Which of the following is not likely to occur in the near future?

130. A Transportation Problem in which the total supply available at the origins exactly satisfies the total demand required at the destinations is known as:

131. Corporate modeling software can be used for

132. All mathematical models generally comprise which of the following types of variables;

133. Which of the following types of decision-making would depend heavily on real-time information?

134. If safety stock is 6 and the EOQ is 50, average inventory level is

135. The MIS should be developed by

136. Considering all types of business, accounts receivable systems are not closely interrelated with the

137. An example of a global allocation problem is

138. Actuarial accounting systems are associated with the _____ industry.

139. Which of the following is part of the decision-making process?

140. The Management Information System (MIS) provides timely and effective information to support decision making and other necessary management functions. Can you point out the sub-system which does not being to the MIS?

141. An _____ system has a stored knowledge base and an inference engine.

142. Changing oil in an automobile is an example of

143. The parts of a system may be analyzed in the sequence

144. A greater proportion of time spent in directing on the

145. In applying the systems approach, the manager proceeds from the

146. Ideally, the chairman of the MIS committee should be the

147. A skills search requires that the employee file be accessible by

148. The two functional areas concerned with material flow are

149. Detailed project control answers the questions

150. Personnel Administration Data systems, personnel planning data systems and the payroll system all

151. Which of the following is not an advantage of decentralized processing over centralized processing?

152. Ultimately, internal constraints can be traced to limits on

153. Many organisations have developed MIS _____ plans.

154. The marketing mix does not include

155. If the values Earliest time and Latest time of an event are not equal then such events are referred to as:

156. Systems that supply data for operations execution or supervision all concern

157. Which of the following is not usually characteristic of upper management decisions?

158. An MIS can be developed by

159. Pictographs, called _____ help systems to be more user friendly.

160. A popular technique for forecasting is

161. In computer based information system (CBIS), DFD stands for:

162. The channel of distribution is included in the

163. The three dimensions of system integrity do not include

164. The computer generation that triggered the explosion of interest in information processing was the

165. A characteristic of an MIS is:

166. Information about the items ordered (item description, price, warehouse location, etc.) is provided by the

167. In which area are job openings expected to decline in the future?

168. A periodic report can be used to

169. Computing systems designed to supply supervisory information include.

170. In an experiment in which a new drug was being tested on 1000 rats, which one of the following would a computer be least able to do?

171. The calculation of expected outcomes in intended to help the manager

172. The computer has been applied most effectively in

173. If gross requirements are 2,000, inventory on hand is 3,000, reorder point is 500, and EOQ is 1,300, the order quantity is

174. Duplicate copies of the data base are stored at all locations under:

175. The pending invoice file should be stored on a DASD (Direct: Access Storage Device) if

176. Operational budgeting require how many data files that would not otherwise be needed?

177. The word ‘linear’ in linear programming is used to describe:

178. In the graphical model of linear programming the region defined by the constraints and the non-negative restrictions is the:

179. An information system that supplies information specifically to aid managers with decision-making responsibilities is called a

180. A class 2 materials transaction (movement from one production department to another) does not require updating of the

181. Changes to the data base are made only with

182. Long-range planning reports produced in an MIS are primarily designed for:

183. Which of the following best explains the meaning of managerial participation in effective computer utilization is MIS:

184. The institute for Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP) currently administers the Certificate in Computer Programming (CCP) and the _____ examinations.

185. The major responsibilities of the data-base administrator are all of the following except:

186. A model in which one physical property is used to represent another physical property is known as:

187. Which of the following is not true of nonprocedural language?

188. Which of the following are measures of quality:

189. Distinguishing between the different levels of management can be accomplished by analyzing,

190. Data integrity refers to

191. The engineering change control system makes changes in the

192. Header labels contain

193. The advent of personal computers:

194. Data is gathered, describing what is happening in the

195. The way of thinking that might facilitate attainment of a single, integrated information system is the

196. A characteristic of a distributed MIS structure is:

197. The paperwork that travels with the materials through the production process is called a

198. Sales figures in the market forecast file are updated by the

199. An information processor includes

200. Middle-level managers are responsible for making the _____ decisions to allocate resources and establish controls.

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