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As we all know that cost accounting is very important in terms of business management. It is very important to get this topic, right. As it’s a systematic set of procedures that makes all the records of the revenue and the sales generated over a period of time and this is a pretty important topic in BBA. This is the type of topic which most of the time comes in the examination. So it would be very thoughtful to prepare this topic and go to the examination center.

The problem that we see right now is that there are not a lot of good resources from where you can learn about this and what type of questions come in the examination. So we thought of curating a list of all the best notes available on the internet right now from which you can study about cost accounting for BBA. We really hope that these notes would like

We also made sure to whole includes the topics which are important from the perspective of exams of BBA and not irrelevant topics.

Contents Inside Notes

There are a total of fifteen units in the first notes and here are all the contents that are included inside of it.

  • Cost Accounting: Nature and Scope

  • Cost Concepts and Classifications

  • Materials: Purchase, Storage, Pricing and Control

  • Labour Cost

  • Overheads: Classification, Allocation, and Absorption

  • Single Costing

  • Job, Batch and Contract Costing

  • Process Costing

  • Operation and Operating Costing

  • Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts

  • Management Accounting: Nature and Scope

  • Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements

  • Budgetary Control

  • Standard Costing and Variance Analysis

  • Marginal Costing and Profit Planning

Seconds notes consist of five modules.

  • These notes are much preferred for private universities in India.

Download Link for Notes

Only study from either of them! Notes 1 and Notes 2 are two different types of notes for the same topics. If you want to go very in-depth in all the topics, Go with Notes 1, otherwise go with Notes 2.

Notes 1

Notes 2


We really hope that these BBA cost accounting notes helped a lot during your examination period. We would encourage you to study hard and go thoroughly through these notes.

As you can see there are two types of notes published in this article. The notes one is for the people who want to go in-depth in all the topics and notes two consist of five modules. Like if you are studying for exams that are very close then you should go with notes two which have five modules inside of it and you will finish all the topics pretty quickly. But if you are just starting your course and you are just revising daily through what has been taught to you in the class. We would say that you should go with notes one and study a little bit extra because it’s more than 500 pages and it will take a long time to complete it.

This is it for BBA cost accounting. If you like these notes, we would really appreciate if you share this with your friends and family or any of your social media handles. It helps us curating more good quality notes for you. Best of luck.

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